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Mission Statement:

The Transit Coalition of North Texas (TCNT) serves as a think tank for key policy issues facing transit providers. In doing so, we work with stakeholders to bring innovative solutions to key transit projects. In addition to educating the public on the benefits of transit, TCNT also demonstrates to federal and state elected officials the business community support for transit in North Texas. TCNT works to promote a positive image of our local transit agencies, while ensuring all transit agencies are collaborating to advance key projects. TCNT also encourages utilization of the existing transit system to increase ridership. Lastly, TCNT advocates for additional funding for transit projects in the North Texas area.

The Transit Coalition of North Texas (TCNT) was created in April of 2011 as a non-profit, 501C(6) tax exempt corporation, to utilize advocacy, education and communication, focused on key stakeholders, to advance transit projects in North Texas.

Board of Directors

Anne Crews, Chair
Mary Kay, Inc.
Jeff Davis, Vice Chair
Republic Title
Brandi Bird, Secretary
Bird Advocacy & Consulting
Bill Walker, Treasurer
Billingsley Company
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