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Accelerate Transit: Public transit keeps the North Texas economy moving


Public transit is a critical component of the overall transportation network in a growing region. There are important segments of the population that demand public transit, like millennials, transit-dependent, disabled and the aging population.

  • The transit agencies in North Texas provide more than 80 million rides to users each year, and that number will continue to grow as more people move to the region.
  • Every single day the number of people riding public transit in NTX can fill Cowboys Stadium 2 1/2 times.
  • Individuals who ride public transportation instead of driving can save, on average, more than $769 per month.

Whether it’s a light rail, highway or bus system, adding a one-dimensional transit solution is not enough. A multi-modal network of transit systems allows our region to be flexible and handle even more people.



The investment in public transit that our local communities have made has brought significant development and tax revenues to those communities.

  • Fortune 500 companies, such as State Farm, Toyota, Liberty Mutual and Morgan Stanley, have relocated to North Texas, and chosen sites due to the proximity to public transit.
  • To attract the next generation of talent, Fortune 500 companies have chosen to locate along the rail lines because their employees demand public transit options.
  • For every $1 a North Texas community invests in public transportation, it generates approximately $4 in economic development.



We must invest in all modes of transportation, including public transit, to meet the demands of more people and more businesses that are relocating to North Texas every day. We are currently unable to build enough highways to handle the growth that our region has already seen, and that will be increasingly true in the future.

  • DFW’s population will increase by 54 percent in the next 25 years, adding 3.8 million people.
  • North Texas grows by 1 person every 5 minutes – or 2,000 people per week.
  • Most of our major highways have no remaining right-of-way to use for expansion.
  • The cost of congestion delay is currently $10.7 Billion and will increase to $25.3 Billion in the next 24 years.



Voters have continually chosen transit for our community. Public Transportation is a wise investment of our tax dollars and a cost-effective solution.

  • Transit in Texas is funded by voter-approved local sales tax dollars and federal funds, not by the legislature, and if unused will be allocated to New York, California or Colorado.
  • DART has received over $4 Billion in federal funding and has leveraged that into $8 Billion worth of projects.
  • In 2000, over 77 percent of voters in 13 cities approved a $2.9 Billion transit program in Dallas County.
    In 2002, 73 percent of Denton County voters approved the creation of DCTA to build a transit system in Denton County.
  • All transportation infrastructure is expensive, but providing that infrastructure is a core function of government.