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CONGRATULATIONS to AnDaiya Reynolds!


Reflections of Public Transit


Public transit has been in my life ever since I was a young child attending Carroll M. Peak Elementary School, also known as dragon land. In those days, the public transit system in Tarrant County was known as “The T” and it was always a way of transportation from visiting my former pediatrician, going to Carnival and Sack N’ Save for our convenience, and finally just going on fun outings to the museum and Ridgmar Mall.

My public transit days began when I was growing up in the early 2000’s when the transit serving Tarrant county was known as the Fort Worth Transportation Authority and The T. Around that time, I was living in the Hillside Community with my mother, who was a single parent with no car, and whenever we couldn’t reach my father, when he was busy, we would always ride the Evans Avenue route to downtown to complete the errands that needed to be done. Back then, it was cheap for me to ride the bus as a young student, while my mother had an Ecard from her working at Harris Hospital. With many different routes and transfers to choose from, it always felt like I was going on an adventure seeing the many neighborhoods through my young eyes. During the years of 2002 till around 2004, my feeling of adventure was enhanced when I was introduced to the Fort Worth Intermodal Transportation Center, the Trinity Railway Express, and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit yellow buses. It reminded me of  New York with the trains looking like subways except the trains are above ground and run through the downtown area, which as a child, I thought was very neat as we were going to see a friend of the family.

As a college student, public transit has played a greater part of my life as I was completing my associate degree journey at Tarrant County College. For my last set of classes, I attended the Tarrant County College Southeast Campus in Arlington. After losing my home due to life’s challenges, I returned to Fort Worth to stay with family members and finally settled into a hotel with the thought in my mind of how I was going to attended my remaining classes. From that moment, I turned to the 67X TCC-Southeast Campus Express for my answer, along with the bus drivers supporting my education, from August 2018 to May 2019 as I was a homeless college student with dreams under my belt and pocket. My graduation day had come. I remember riding the 89 The Spur- Downtown to go to the Convention Center where the ceremony was held. I had on the black cap and gown that I spent most of my life working hard for with a smile on my face as many drivers and riders were impressed on how I didn’t let a difficult spot I was going through stop me from getting my blessing.

Thanks to the help of public transit and the support of drivers, my journey through Tarrant County College has been complete and I wouldn’t have done it without the use of public transit.