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About Us

Accelerate Transit is a collaborative effort to educate decision makers and the public on the benefits of transit in North Texas. An investment in public transportation is an investment in our future. Public transit provides services and opportunities, supports the local economy, increases property values, and reduces congestion and pollution.

Did you know that every day in North Texas the number of people riding public transit could fill Cowboys Stadium 2 ½ times!

With North Texas growing by 1 person every 5 minutes, or 2000 people per week, an investment in public transit is critical to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population.

Accelerate Transit is an education effort brought to you by the Transit Coalition of North Texas (TCNT), North Central Texas Council of Governments, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Denton County Transportation Authority, Fort Worth Transportation Authority, Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition and the Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition.

TCNT was created in 2011 as a non-profit corporation to utilize advocacy, education, and communication, focused on key stakeholders, to advance transit projects in North Texas. TCNT advocates for the advancement of transit projects in our region by educating the public on the benefits of transit, engaging with local elected officials to encourage their support of transit, working with the transit agencies across the region to collaboratively advance transit, and encouraging utilization of the systems to increase ridership.”